A11yCamps are participant-driven events about web and software accessibility, with presentations, demos and interaction by and for A11yCamp participants.

What Is A11yCamp?

Accessibility (sometimes shortened to a11y because 11 letters are replaced) is key to successful, effective, inclusive web and software development.  A11yCamp is a participant-driven event about IT accessibility, modeled after the unconference format of BarCamp.  Whether you are an expert or just getting your feet wet in the IT accessibility space, come join us!  With the schedule determined on the spot, A11yCamp Guelph will be a dynamic event with presentations, demos and interaction by and among participants.

A11yCamp Guelph 2013

Join us for the third annual A11yCamp in Guelph on May 28, 2013. Once again being held in partnership with the Accessibility Conference, we’ll be gathering after the conference closes to pitch concepts, share ideas, discuss and debate about Accessibility. A11yCamp Guelph will be held at the historic Bullring pub on the University of Guelph campus. starting at 5:30 pm. Sign up today!